WebSite Maintenance

Starting from just £20

Sit down and relax,

we will take care of your



Site Review

We’ll have a look at your webiste’s themes, plugins and security to make sure it reaches its potential.

Site Review

As soon as we review your website and find out your requirments, we can suggest the best options for you.

Sit And Relax

Spend less time on your website as we got you covered. We’ll keep up with your website 24/7, if you have any questions or issues please contact us.

What’s included ?


24/7 Updates of all wordpress updates plugins and themes. Making your site more secure and load at a faster speed.

Back ups

Secure Daily Backups, if anything happends to you site, we will be able to bring youe site to what it was in minutes.

24/7 Security

Additional security features will be added to your site when siging up for our site maintenance, we will moinitor your site 24/7 ensuiring no hackers can get by !

Site Fixes

If anything happens to your site, we are more happy to help. For example a contact form suddenly stops working.

Optimised site Speed

We make sure all of your images are optimised, ensuring fast loading page. All sites will load under 1,5 seconds.

Seo Optimised

We now how important SEO is to all clients. We are performing onsite optimisation, ensuring your website is ranking for the right keywords.

Additional Features

  • Front-End Security Scans
  • Manual Woo Commerce Updates
  • SPAM & Revisions Cleanup
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Monthly site reports
  • Hack protection
  • Support by Email & Phone
  • Proofreading
  • Enhancement suggestions
  • 10% OFF other services provided by DamoDesign

Payment Plans  

1 Month Plan

Want some more support without any commintment ? You can buy month to month support and maintenance for £65.

6 Months Plan

Save your self £15 pounds a month and apply for a 6 month payment plan, perfect for seeing the full service we provide over time for only £50 a Month.

1 Month Plan

Save your self £25 a month and apply for a 12 month payment package. Perfect for clinets who had been working with us for a while and trust our services.

6 Month Plan

Safe Yourself £50 when paying in full for the 6 months of Website Maintenance

12 Month Plan

Safe Yourself £65 when paying in full for the 12 months of Website Maintenance 

Already a customer who had a webiste build by us ? Get the first 6 Months at half price when applying for the 12 month Website Maintenance Service.

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